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Expectations for Your Nurse

I agree with this, although I do enjoy bedside nursing, primary care would be the perfect situation with one nurse for every one to two patients. Having too many patients for too few nurses makes it difficult to find time to actually provide quality nursing care and assessments, have any input into interdisciplinary planning, and leading to poor communication with the attending physician.

Bedside Manners

I’m not sure about you, but the concept of hourly rounding – going in to lay eyes on your patients to make sure they are ok, are they comfortable, do they need anything (including for you to leave them the hell alone) has always been a part of my practice. It’s competent care to know what’s happening with your patients, and for that extra CYA, I chart every 2 hours at minimum that my patient was breathing. I also finish my day with a nursing note with a more detailed description of what has happened on my 8, 12 or 16 hour shift, mundane or not. That way, should anything come back to bite me in the ass, I have a plethora of written word by my own hand, showing whomever is interested the entire aspect of my day.

However, there are administrators and managers who believe that nurses don’t…

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I Heart My Green Clean Home

Hey beauties, how’s everyone’s day? Mine has been excellent. I unfortunately had a little exacerbation of being sick and I was held up for a few weeks. Not good, but I did manage to catch up a bit on my book challenge! I’m now on book 48! Almost halfway done! So you can expect another update on my reading after I hit the halfway mark.

Since I had been feeling terribly under the weather, my house didn’t receive the attention that it usually does, housekeeping wise. Well, let’s just say, I hadn’t cleaned my house in 3 weeks. Yikes. So yesterday and today I tackled the job, and I must say, you’d never know. I mean, it looks gooooooood.

I suppose this post will be about how I actually clean stuff. That sounds a little boring, but I have extremely, extremely sensitive skin. My skin breaks out in rashes, and cracks and bleeds if nearly anything touches it. This can be troublesome when I want to clean my house, since most cleaners contain numerous mega-toxic ingredients, that are a living nightmare for my skin, and also overall very unhealthy.

I started making my own home made non-toxic cleaners about 2 years ago, and I have to say, they clean better than most commercial brands. They cost little to make, and are so much healthier for everyone, not to mention our planet!


I know this post is long, but trust me, it’s worth it’s weight in gold. Especially if you have a weakened immune system, have a high traffic house that needs very frequent cleaning, or want to learn super easy ways to be green and save loads of money. All of these things work. It’s what our grandmothers, and great grandmothers, and so on used to keep their homes clean.

It’s only been the last 50 years or so that people have been relying faithfully on commercial products. There’s a lot of reasons why some people may not want to use these commercial products, but feel as if they have to, because they want a clean home. Well, that’s not the case. I’m broke, am autoimmune compromised, have insanely sensitive skin, am concerned with my family’s health, and concerned about our planet, just like a lot of people out there, and I use barely any commercial cleaning product.

This here my friends, is my Cleaning Artillery

White Distilled Vinegar
Baking Soda
Regular Dawn Liquid Dish Detergent
Lemon Juice
Tea Tree Oil
Olive Oil
Powdered Tide Detergent

Those are the only things I ever use to clean with. Here are some great products that I mix up easily to use:

1. Vinegar All Purpose Cleaner

Vinegar is amaaaaazing. Straight vinegar, due to its acidity, will remove about 90% of the germs from the area you’re cleaning. And trust me, 90% is better than 99% kill rate, as we actually do need some of these organisms to encourage healthy immune systems and prevent new strains of SuperBugs like MRSA and VRE from popping up.

To make an all purpose cleaner, I usually put half Vinegar, half water, and a little bit of lemon juice into a spray bottle. It kinda reminds me of that Franks Hot Sauce catchphrase, I use this shit on everything! I wipe down my counters and tables, the stove, anywhere you can think of, I use it. It also has an amazing deodorizing property to it too, so it’s awesome for after kitty litter box changes!

2. Window/Mirror Cleaner
My mom showed me this one and I thought she might have lost a couple marbles, but it actually works brilliantly! I dip a rag in pure vinegar, and wipe my mirror or window thoroughly. Then, take a piece of newspaper (or even an old flyer), and wipe until dry. Your mirrors an windows will be crystal clear with no streaks!


3. Tub Scub

Unfortunately the above tub is not mine, although I wish it were, le sigh. For scrubbing the tub that I do own though, I pour less than half a cup of Dawn liquid dish soap in a container, and add baking soda little by little, mixing until it has kind of a frothy, creamy texture to it.

This stuff works amazing. The detergent cuts through any grease or build up of soaps, the the abrasion of the baking soda, as well as its whitening effects, leave me with the cleanest tub around. I usually rinse the mixture off with the shower head, then spray a few squirts of my Vinegar spray and leave it to air dry.

4. Lemon Furniture Polish
I have a cat who sheds constantly, so my tables absolutely have to be dusted and polished, or else hair just clings to them. Plus, having a shiny coffee table is always lovely.

All I do for this is take a quarter cup of vinegar, a cap full of olive oil, and a tablespoon of lemon oil. I usually make this in a little mason jar, so I can put the cover on and give it a good shake to mix everything well.

Take a small rag, and dampen half of it in the mixture. It doesn’t have to be soaked, just slightly damp. Take the cloth and run it over your coffee tables, end tables, etc… Like you would with a commercial polish, then take the dry end of the rag, and wipe the surface until dry.

This is another thing that I thought wouldn’t work, but ended up falling in love with! I thought it would feel greasy, but it’s not! You just have to make sure not to put too much oil in.

5. Mould Buster

So along my cleaning frenzy, I noticed a tiny amount of mould in the track of my patio door. Not surprising, it rained all week and I had been out the door for a smoke or two, so it was bound to happen. But I don’t like mould. And neither do you. So, I have an awesome way to get rid of it!

Take one cup of water, two tablespoons of tea tree oil, and mix together. I like this in a spray bottle so I can reach all the tiny little areas. Just spray it on and leave it. Go back a few hours later and wipe the area, repeat if needed.

This is also really good for anything musty or mildewed, such as a bathmat, the washer after forgetting a load of towels in it, etc… Works like a charm and you don’t have to lose sleep at night wondering if the spores are gonna get ya.

6. Flea Problem?
My poor Matty. He has a tendency for fleas. Although he’s a very clean, indoor cat, the fleas just think Matty is the soup de jour. They seem to sneak in every time I open the door, so I found a way to keep them under control.

I sprinkle Tide powder laundry detergent on all of my furniture. I start in the living room, kitchen, etc… Paying close attention to the areas Matty sits around the most. I keep Kitty in the bedroom. Although Tide is gentle, I still don’t want him sniffing around it. Wait for about 3-4 hours, then vacuum thoroughly. Then I do the same with the bedroom. When your done vacuuming, get rid of the bag immediately. That’s a whole big bag of flea baby eggs you don’t want hanging around.

I used to use Borax for this, but found that it was a little too Harsh for my liking. Also, the Borax needed to sit for 12-24 hours to be effective. That’s a little unreasonable. I find the Tide works excellent, and safe to use around Kitties.

Fleas also hate water and soap. So unfortunately Matty needs a bath once a month with some warm water and Dawn liquid detergent. He’s not real excited come bath day. Other than those two things, I use a flea comb through Mattys hair once a week. Each time the flea comb runs through the hair, I dip it in a bowl of warm water and dish detergent, then dry with a paper towel before the next brush stroke. This kills the fleas which can be seen on the comb, but it also kills the eggs you can’t see on the comb, preventing you from spreading them.

7. Fabric Softener
One of the few commercial home products I use is Tide Sensitive liquid washing detergent. I tried home made detergent before, but trust me, it’s quite messy and didn’t really save me money. The Tide Sensitive is really a wonderful product that’s gentle on my skin, and cleans my clothes well without any residue, so I’m going to stick with it.

Softeners are another story. I put pure vinegar in the softener receptacle instead of fabric softener. Vinegar has a low pH, which will dissolve any alkaline soap residue still on the clothes, soften the fabrics, and remove any static charge.

If you really like the smell that comes from fabric softeners or bounce sheets, you can always add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to your Vinegar fabric softener. Just 2-3 drops and your clothes are going to smell amazing after they come out of the dryer. Essential oils are a little pricier than the other items on the list, but they are well worth it. My favorites are lavender and orange citrus.

8. Dish Washer Detergent
This is easy as pie. All I do is fill the soap receptacle halfway with baking soda, add a teaspoon of salt, and a squirt of lemon juice. Then I splash a quarter cup of vinegar in the bottom of the machine, and half a teaspoon of Dawn liquid detergent. Ok, not as easy peasy as just throwing in a dishwasher tab, but it works the exact same. Your dishes will come out clean and smell great.

Other little tips I have are:

I use reusable diapers as rags. They are soft and durable.

You can add 4-5 drops of essential oils to your all purpose cleaner too, for an added touch. This works kind of like febreeze as well.

I usually start with a clean sweep of the room. I take a garbage bag with me, and throw things out, put things in their place, put dishes in the kitchen, etc. before I tackle the cleaning. I tell myself it’s not actually cleaning, it’s ‘preparing’, to clean. After this 5-10 minute clean sweep, it’s amazing how much better it looks! It can also make you feel a whole lot less overwhelmed if you hate cleaning. It’s all in your mindset.

Clean one room at a time. It’s better to have one pristine room, than 3 half assed rooms. Take your time and don’t rush.


I clean from left to right. I don’t know why, I just do. It helps me to stay organized, and when I am almost done, there’s usually just one pile at the right side of the room that needs to be dealt with and then, voila! Tout Finne!

I have an old swiffer sweeper that my sister gave me. I have a few tags that I cut so that they will fit onto the swiffer, just like the swiffer refills do. I use this to dust high places, and give the floors a quick dusting after sweeping.

I also dampen a rag with pure vinegar, and attach it to the swiffer, and quick mop my floors. It does a good clean job if I’m not in the mood for a full scrub, and leaves them oh so shiny.


I bought a few spray bottles at the dollar store and put the vinegar solution in. One is the regular half water, half vinegar solution, and the other bottle has some drops of Lavender essential oil. I marked the outside of the bottles with a sharpie marker.

I used an old Tide sensitive bottle and put in vinegar and essential oil. This has to be shaken each time before use so that the oils are dispersed. Again, the bottle is labelled with a sharpie.

I wouldn’t suggest making any of the other products in advance, or keeping them in a bottle, as the powder will dissolve, and the olive oil can go rancid easily. It’s easy to make them up quickly before you enter the room you are about to tackle.

I usually clean the toilet bowl with pure vinegar. Let it sit while I clean the rest of the bathroom, and then give it a scrub then flush.

Cleaning to music makes the time fly by. Your finished before you know it! But before you leave the room, take a look from the door and see if it is to your standard.


So there are all the household products I use. You add all that up cash wise, and it’s about $20 for about 3-4 months of good cleaning. Meanwhile if you get your Pledge, Downy, Mr. Clean, Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex, Comet, Mop N Glo, Swiffer Refills, Bounty Sheets, Febreeze, Finish Dishwasher tabs, and so on, that’s a pretty expensive cleaning artillery. Not to mention how your skin and lungs will feel like shit afterwards.

Since I started cleaning non-toxically, I have fewer headaches and skin irritation, and I can actually breathe in my home after a day of cleaning. No toxic fumes to keep me coughing up a lung. The extra cash in my pockets doesn’t hurt either.

So that my friends, is how I keep my home clean and fresh. If you have any other tips I would love to hear them. I hope that this will encourage someone to clean naturally, and green. Trust me, if you try it once, you’ll never go back!

Have fun lovelies!


The Rain

Something amazing happened today. Something I had forgot about, something I haven’t seen in months. It rained. It’s wonderful. It was the hottest, driest summer that I can remember, and not a drop of rain did we have, other than a few late night sprinkles.

This rain is pouring, like it’s never going to stop. This is the rain everyone on PEI has been waiting for, for months. I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning when I woke up, not to blinding sunlight, but to the soft tapping of rain on my window. It’s strange how a long awaited rain can make someone so peaceful and calm.



So here I am, with my coffee and a good book, looking out the window at the dark, rainy day. It’s a comfort I’ve missed. The day seems to be longer, and makes doing the smallest things seem productive. I don’t feel rushed, or any sense of stress or urgency. It just feels like this is exactly where I am suppose to be right now. The rain has done wonders for my soul.

Besides enjoying the rain, as I said I’m reading some good books. I’ve noticed a pattern developing in my reading. I will read a few excellent books, and then a whole bunch of books that are horrible. There doesn’t seem to be many books I feel neutral about. I’m trying to catch up on my reading, since I didn’t really read much during August, and I’m not even to the halfway mark. Hopefully I will reach the halfway mark by the end of next week and I will fill everyone in on all the good and bad of the second quarter.

Until then, everyone enjoy their day, and take time for yourself
❤ Melissa


That Summer I Broke My Ankle

Happy August 30th to everyone. I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day. It’s once again over 35 degrees outside, so I’m melting as per usual. Not a breath of a breeze to cool down my apartment. I even had to take the cat in the car to cool him down with the A/C. Hehe. He looked so cute! He moved his little face from side to side, letting the air conditioning blow his whiskers around. My Poor buddy, he doesn’t like the heat.

Today was also pay day. I say it was, because all the money is gone. Poof! Who cares about Houdini, I can make $1000 disappear and NEVER reappear!!! *Cue audience applause*

It’s amazing really. I don’t even have to leave the house. All I have to do is get up in the morning, log onto my online banking, pay my bills, and voila: pay cheque gone. It’s quite impressive I have to say.


It’s not that bad, my bills are paid and I have enough moola to get me to next pay. What more could a girl ask for? PLUS!!! I’m on vacation from work, so no going into work for the next two and a half weeks. Oh yeah. That’s pretty awesome. So far, I have read a bit, had supper with my friends every night, and had at least one nap a day. Yes, Tuesday I had two naps. Jealous much?

This is the first summer in the 4 summers since I’ve been an RN that I’ve actually taken time off. The first summer I had a wicked arthritic flare up, so I was off work, but trust me, it was no vacation. Then last year I didn’t take any time because me and Soldier Man Child were suppose to go on a trip in October. We broke up instead. And then, there was the summer I broke my ankle…

Yep, I had just started working on a new nursing floor, and was eager to make a good impression. Needless to say it was a little stressful, so one evening me and Man Child went for a few drinks so I could vent. One drink turned into ten, and I eventually went home tanked.

I didn’t even make it in the door. I missed the concrete step, and fell into a hole. Here’s the dialogue of what happened next:

Me: Mika!!!!!

Mika (aka Soldier Man Child): what?

Me: I fell

Mika: what?

Me: I fell!

Mika: how?

Me: I don’t know!

Mika: oh.

Me: I broke my ankle.

Mika: no you didn’t.

Me: yes I did!…. And I called an ambulance.

Mika: are you serious?!?!?

Me: come look

Mika: *after looking over my ankle* well, it’s broken.

Me: what?!?! Since when did you become an ankle specialist Mika?!?!? It’s not broken.

Good times. I left out the part where I made him go up to get my favorite sweater from my room cause I was cold, and he wanders back with this piece of fabric he must have gotten in the deepest pit of my closet, which I probably haven’t worn since high school. Men are really observant.

Yep. That’s pretty much how it went. I drank too much, fell down, and called an ambulance. In the end we were both right, because the ankle turned out to be broken.


I spent all night in the emergency room crying and snotting everywhere, trying to act like I was sober. After that, I was shipped off to have my ankle reduced and fixated and spend the next 8 weeks in a cast. Needless to say my nurse manager wasn’t impressed when the new girl called in sick for the next 8 weeks. Yeah, it was a pretty bad summer. On the bright side, I made that cast look goooooood!

So that’s it for today. Gonna take my cat out for some air conditioning again.

Toodles everyone, and of you’re having a few drinks, walk safe!


Commando MD

Ok, I’m just gonna start my anxiously waited for return with: What a shitty summer!!!!!

Yep. That about sums it all up. If I wasn’t sick, I went to work. Sounds like a blast right? No, it wasn’t. It was hot too. Not comfortably warm, but disgustingly hot. Day after day after day of over 35 degrees of humid hotness. Add a sun allergy into the mix and it turned out to be an overall shitty summer. Not my worst, but still, no real fun in there anywheres.

The good news my lovelies is that I have 3 weeks of vacation now. My plans are to read books, go out to supper with my friends every night, chillax and not do one damn thing I don’t want to. I have found in the past, that making big plans for time off is a bad thing. I would tend to get really excited about them, and then get disappointed when things never turned out right, so this time around: No big plans. Just gonna take life as it comes.

As my readers know, weird crap happens to me on a daily basis. But not even the weird stuff has been happening this summer. I have only a handful of good stories since my last blog. Le sigh.

So, to end this return of Melissa post, I’ll leave you with my latest story. The story of Commando MD.

I was walking along the back OR hallway from taking a patient to the OR. It’s a quiet hallway with rarely any traffic in it, so there was only me and one other person walking down the hallway.

One of the general surgeons walking ahead of me, wearing his Green OR scrubs. I noticed that his pants seemed a little loose and that I could see a little bit of his bum crack.

His pants kept inching down slowly, then swoosh!!! His pants were down by his ankles. This would have been funny enough, but: HE DIDN’T HAVE ANY UNDERWEAR ON!!!!

So his pants are down by his ankles, and this guy doesn’t even flinch. He just bends over (uuuuuughhh!!!!), pulls them up, and keeps on walking, like it’s no big deal. Hats off to him.

Ok. So that’s it! I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things. I kinda feel like I just stepped out of a bomb shelter and seen the sun for the first time. I shall return with some more adventures from my little life soon.

Ta ta my dearies!


I’m sick. Boo!

I’m back! Ok, not 100% back, but back enough to write a poorly written excuse for my hiatus, and let everyone know that I’m not laying dead in a ditch somewhere (seriously, my sister texted me the other day asking if I was dead cause she never heard from me in like a week).

So the last week I have been working, and sick. Boo. Work has been sad, my buddy Nick passed away. At least I know his struggle in this life has ended. He was an amazing guy, and I’ll remember him always. After working 4 brutally hard 12 hour shifts in a row, my body decided it had enough, and made me sick. So I’ve been hobbling around in excruciating pain for the last three days, not able to eat or sleep or even really think about anything.

Starting to feel a little better today, so hopefully my body stops hurting and my brain fog will go away soon. Wish me luck! I’ll be back soon with some super wicked awesome posts my lovelies.

The most handsome private nurse ever!!! He’s been so helpful


Surviving Costco

Happy Sunday everyone. I’m having some coffee and enjoying this absolutely beautiful day. And by this everyone knows I’m totally procrastinating. My house needs a good cleaning and scrubbing, but I thought “hey, coffee”. Yep. Totally made the right choice.

So since my last post, I’ve made it through the Moncton trip with my mother alive. A little bit scared and shaken, but alive none the less. Sit down, relax, it’s story time.


Picture this: a beautiful, sunny PEI day. The window is rolled down and you’re driving over the confederation bridge. Everything is so damn beautiful that you think nothing can ruin your natural high. Now picture my mother in the passenger seat white knuckling her seat belt, telling me to slow down, and that she hopes “this bridge doesn’t decide to collapse or something”. Now picture that wonderful natural high escaping out of that open window. Le sigh. Ooooh dear. I knew it was going to be a very long day.

If you read my last post, then you know I had to take my GPS. As predicted, every time I didn’t listen to said GPS, my mom freaked and was sure I had gotten us lost and we would end up somewhere near the US border. That thought then lead her to get even more anxious, stating that “If we wind up at the border, we don’t have our passports, and the border police will get suspicious of us and I am NOT spending the night in US jail”. Now you all know where I get these irrational running thoughts from.

Needless to say, I got us to Moncton and we were not arrested by the border police under suspicion of trying to smuggle two cold, half empty Tim Horton’s coffees over the border. It was a close one though. *insert dry sarcastic face here*

When we are in Moncton, everything is going good. Mom only tried to put her brake foot through the passenger side floor a few times. We went to the Champlain mall first. I decided we should go our separate ways and meet up later. My dad had given me $100 to get myself a birthday present. Awwwww yeeeeah. Anyways, I don’t shop much, but I did manage to spend my birthday monies and then some. Here is my prized splurge.


Isn’t it beautiful? I may not be the most girlish girl of all time, but I do have a weakness for eye makeup. It may have something to do with the fact that my eyes are three times bigger than everyone else’s, so I have a lot of eye lid to do magical things with! I’ve always wanted a palate from Urban Decay, and now I gots one. Thanks Al my Pal!

I did get some other things. An awesome summery shirt, a new book, refills on my vitamin C face wash and olive shower gel from The Body Shop (seriously the best two products in that store), some desperately needed yoga capris, and another amazing 20 ounce coffee mug. The eye shadow is my favorite purchase by far though. Anyways, when mom and I were done at the mall, we decided to go have a bite to eat. After that, I was sure she was all shopped out, so I figured we would be heading back to PEI. Oh no, silly me. She wanted to go to Costco.

Holy Sufferin’ Falanaghan F$@k! That store is run by Satan himself! I drove there and told her I would wait in the car. Well, she was having NONE of that. She dragged me into the store kicking and screaming.

I enter the store and am immediately chased down by a Costco employee demanding to see my membership card. Really? It’s like this guy thinks he’s working for national security or something. “We can’t let that chick without the card in, she may be able to get a pound of peanuts for half price! We’d be ruined!”. So I show him my card and enter into the blinding lights.

People. Everywhere. People arm to arm, cart to cart. It was insane.



Of course I got stuck behind these two people who had to have been walking 0.05 kilometers an hour. They would not budge when I said excuse me, and tried to pass them. So I snapped their pictures. I could only get the second guys gut, cause he almost caught me.



When I finally got ahead of slowpokes, I tracked down these lamps that my mom wanted. I never did get one, because I got into a fight with an old lady on an electric Rascal over it. I was going for the last one, and as I reached for it, she informed me that it was hers. I looked in her cart and there was already 3 of these lamps. So I told her she already had a bunch, and that I just needed one. Then she got really mad and started raising her voice, stating that she was just about to get someone to help her put it in her cart when I came along. She then started inching her scooter closer and closer to me. Fuck it. I let her have it. But I didn’t help her put it in her Rascal. As I was walking away, I saw her stand up and put the last discounted lamp in her cart. Nice. You are a class act. Just because you drive around in an elecrtic scooter doesn’t mean you have the right to be a bitch. Especially if you can stand up and lift a twenty pound box into your basket. Sweet lady justice will get her eventually.


One of the things that fascinated me about Costco, was the amount of able bodied people who used Rascals. I never in my life seen so many!


For all the parents out there, Costco is not your child’s playground, so stop letting them run around like hooligans!This lady and her savage children seem to be having a great time. I couldn’t get a good picture of the whole cart, but there was another child sitting on top of the mountain of items in the cart. Who knows, there may have been a third hiding in there too. Safety first.


Now, on to the merchandise. Who the hell needs all this stuff? There is everything you could possibly think of, but only in bulk. Have a headache? Here’s 400 Extra Strength Tylenol for you! That should fix you right up.

I didn’t even think it was legal to sell that many tabs of acetaminophen in one bottle. Also, there’s different brands of all these products in bulk. Except for one thing. Condoms.

Now I find this very strange, that this one shelf contained all the condoms in the whole warehouse, while there’s a whole aisle dedicated to poop bags (seriously). It makes me think that theres a Costco conspiracy. They want everyone to get preggers so that as the population increases, so will their clientele. Naughty naughty Costco.

See, poop bag aisle.


After fifteen minutes, I was done, and told mom I was going to the washroom and getting the hell out of here. She said alright and that she wouldn’t be too much longer. I never did end up using the washroom at Costco, because it was disgusting. There was water covering every possible surface, and good luck trying to find toilet paper, or a toilet that didn’t have a nice log in it. I took a pic of the best stall there, and I still didn’t use it.




I even had one lady notice the scars on my arms from my burns. She was with her little kid, and asked me if I had chicken pox, cause her son wasn’t vaccinated. I almost felt like saying “why, yes, I do, go get your damn child vaccinated!!”, but I didn’t. I just told her they were scars from burns. Some people are really rude.


Finally mom made it back to the car and we headed back to good ol’ calm, peaceful PEI. Although my mom totally cried the whole way home because she felt so bad about that lady freaking over my scars. Lord Jesus it was a long drive. Also, I’m a nurse, so I’m used to being on my feet for twelve plus hours a day, but fifteen minutes of walking on Costco’s cement floors, and my back still feels like its broken.

I made it back in one piece. The post traumatic stress is calming a little, but I still won’t be heading to Moncton with mom anytime soon. One of my friends asked me why I hate Costco so much. I showed him the pictures and he understood after that. Does anyone have a store that they truly hate? Like everytime you walk in there, you know your gonna have a bad time. I’d like to hear your story if you do.

Ok friends. I’m off like a herd of turtles. Have yourselves a good one.

Time to clean I suppose. Can you tell I’m really excited for this?